What are the top tourist attractions in Malta?

Malta is a small country which is surrounded by fascinating and charming spots and beaches. Malta has given opportunities to the visitors to be adventurous and create the beautiful memories. The top attractive places in Malta have something for everyone and list of these places is given below.

My friend who is a Baltimore Plumbers was telling me that Mellieha Bay which is also known as Ghadira Bay is the largest and famous beach, which leads to the town of Mellieha at the distance of 15 minutes walk. The attractions around it are Popeye village and the set of 1980 film and St. Agatha’s Tower, restored from 17th century.

Furthermore, Golden Bay is located on the north west coast of Malta is one of the popular sand beaches. Here, you can enjoy sunbath by taking sun beds and umbrella available for spending a comfortable day. Many beach clubs and hotels are found near the beach. This beach offers water sports for tourists by which they can enjoy.

Blue Lagoon Bay is located on the small Island of Comino which is found between the main islands of Malta and Gozo. Here, no cars are allowed because it is very small island and only one hotel is present. This beach is consisted of white shiny sand and crystal clear water and activities here are sunbathing, swimming and snorkeling which make it a lovely place for visitors.

In addition to it,  Azure Window is a beautiful limestone arch with straight top. Its main attractive feature is that it is very important place for films and TV shows because it is considered the most amazing place for them. Dwejra’s village is also found nearby to meet the needs of visitors such as scuba diving,swimming and boat riding around the Arch, where it meets with Dwejra Bay. Moreover, you can enjoy here boat trips through which you can see the beautiful views around the Arch. This Arch can be seen from long distance and most of the visitors prefer hiking to see it. So, you will surely enjoy by visiting these places in Malta.

What are the reasons to visit Kashmir in winter?

A visit to Kashmir is very fascinating in every season but it is stunning in winter. This is the season when the natural beauty of Kashmir is covered with snow making it worth seeing and that’s why it is called as the heaven on the earth.Here are some reasons for visiting Kashmir in winter. 

My friend who visited this place last year and is currently providing tree removal services in portland told me that The main charm here in winter is snow fall which makes this place just like a paradise for snow lovers.You can see here the magical snow fall everywhere and the sceneries covered by snow look amazing.This is the time to have a competition of snowman making with local kids.

Believe me you will forget Switzerland when you will pay a visit to Kashmir because it is just Switzerland in winter with lowcost packages rather than high cost packages to Switzerland.

 Well,the most suggested experience in Kashmir is the Shikara ride in the Dall Lake.In summer this lake is crowded with tourists and it is full of shikaras,which make it a noisy place.On the other hand the same lake becomes very peaceful in winter due less number of visitors and you can enjoy the smooth ride here.You will find a chance to see the natural beauty while taking a ride.

The next reason is that you will find here low cost accommodation.It is because the number of tourists is low in winter as compared to summer.So, in winter you can get discounts for accommodation in five star hotels and boathouses.

The most important reason for photographers is that they don’t need editing to make your pictures beautiful.You can capture here different culture having the diffused day light with fantastic natural beauty in background.

 The final reason is that Kashmiri food such as kehwa and kebabs plus winter are just superb combination.  

So,a visit to Kashmir in winter is a complete package of enjoyment.

What makes the Islands in New York, the most feasible places for immigrants?

New York Islands are world famous Islands. An Island is basically a piece of land which is surrounded by water .

Here , is further detail of Islands present in New York .

I have been with my uncle in a flight who was going for a meeting at Beaverton Pest Control. He told me that  we are going to discuss about Governors Island, located in upper New York Bay , covering an area of 172- acre. It is situated at the distance of 732 m from the southern tip of Manhattan  Island Giovanni da Verrazzano save the Island in 1524.He was first European to do so .It was named by Native Americans as a The Island of Nuts It was officially renamed Governors Island in 1784 . Prior to the constitution of Floyd bennett field in Brooklyn the island was taken as a site for a municipal airport having a small strip of grass, the Governors Island Armi Airfield was renowned from 1950s till 1960s. In 2007 further redevelopment efforts  were made to make it more beautiful and attractive .

In 2016, the Island was opened ,starting from the memorial day weekend to the last weekend in september . There are following activities on this Island, bike riding ,picnic facilities , festivals and concerts , which make this place a  point  of  enjoyment for public .

Second Island situated in New York city Rikers Island consisted of an area of 413.17 acre it is located on the east river. It was named after Abraham Rycken, who bought it in 1664 .To reach Rikers Island the best way is to use private ferry services which take visitors to the island and back from  the island.

Both Hoffman and Swinburne islands are small artificial islands in the lower New York Bay of south beach , staten island. Hoffman Island covers an area of 11 acre , while ,Swinburne covers an area of    4 acres . These two islands were used as a place of residence for immigrants suffering from contagious diseases .

Next island is Ellis island located in upper New York Bay .It was considered as nation ‘s busiest place for  immigrants to the United States from 1892 to 1954. An important feature of this island is that it was made the part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument in 1965 .


1976k397qvjnijpgThis is year 2016 and gone are those days when the traveler use to add up the travel maps, compasses, hotel brochures, city guides, important contact diary etc. We live in a tech-smart world and as long as the mobile network is readily available on your travel destination, all you need is a smartphone. Smartphones have brought one of the biggest revolutions in the world. With thousand of different apps one can do anything they want, just name it and there you go!

Hence we are here to discuss five cool apps that not only are handy during your travel but also are free or of negligible cost. We have discussed these apps during a break when i was in a meeting with Pest Control  Experts in Dyersberg. So here are the apps

The ‘Time out’ app

With absolutely zero charge this app works as an ultimate guide to the happenings of the city you are travelling in. It covers most of the cities around the world. Let it be a big hotel or a small funky restaurant in the corner of the street, a street play or a big concert or star night happening, time out will inform you about all. It can be downloaded both on the iOS and Android.

The Wolfram Sun Exposer app

What will be better than a sun forecast for you on a beach holiday? Yes this is the app for you that provide the forecast if the suns position suiting your skin type. It helps you prevent tan and skin burns by estimating the safe sun spend time for you. This was easy! It’s available only on IOS for $1.49.

The Google Translator app

What is worst than being stuck in a different nation with almost nil knowledge of the language. You cannot refer the dictionary for each and every word and hence the google translator comes to rescue. So you can just click pictures of the signs in the foreign language and it converts it into your desirable language.

The App in the air app

Do not go by the name, the app is basically for air travel. It gives you the best ever coverage of all the airplanes and airlines all around the world. Even in the case where you aren’t cover by the internet it helps in managing the time by splitting the travel into four parts, check-in, boarding the flight, departure and landing. This will never let you miss a flight.

The Splittr app

We usually travel with family or in group with friends. How cool is the scenario where you are backpacking or doing suitcase travel with your friend and one app is saving you all from the stress and chaos of splitting the money spent among yourselves. Splittr is here to help! It splits all the bills and put the expenses against each one of the participants. It also keeps a track of who spent where to make the process simpler.

Greenville, SC

downtown_greenville_sc_real_estate_800While it’s got a healthy arts presence, Greenville is all about the outdoors.  Explore downtown attractions like Falls Park or Cleveland Park, or the Swamp Rabbit Trail, by foot or with a bike rental. While cheering a meeting at Biotech Office in New Braunfels i met a friend from Greenville. After the meeting i asked him about the place and he said: within 30 minutes are Caesar’s Head and Jones Gap for hikes, photos and picnics, but Greenville also has its own mountain park right in town.   Minor league baseball and hockey happen downtown, or choose from great museums, carriage and trolley rides, even Shakespeare in the Park.  Kids are enthralled by a special scavenger hunt on Main Street.

Visitors are amazed to see Greenville’s beautiful tree-lined Main Street, tons of exciting restaurants and bars, great shopping, performance venues, nice hotels, and a river with its own waterfalls right in the heart of downtown.  City leaders from across America flock to see a downtown that’s won countless national awards and press for its spectacular revitalization success.

Greenville is world-renowned as a destination for cyclists.  Favorite local son Geroge Hincapie – training partner of Lance Armstrong – has been instrumental in bringing the USA Pro Cycling championships to town each year.  Paris Mountain, just minutes north of downtown, makes an ideal training ground.  Runners and walkers take advantage of beautiful Falls Park, Cleveland Park and the city’s lovely neighborhoods, while hikers head north to the Blue Ridge foothills to explore and enjoy countless trails and waterfalls.  Tennis and golf are  year-round past-times.

Performing and visual arts are so abundant in Greenville that any weekend forces hard choices:  symphony or blues?  art opening or live theater?  ballet or touring Broadway show?   Downtown is filled with galleries and performance arts venues, most notably the Peace Center, which has two indoor theaters and outdoor amphitheater.  bob Jones University has a world-class art collection and several lovely museums are scattered across the city.   Choose your pleasures, and good luck trying to “do it all.”



Dallas is Texas’ most mythical city, with the past and present rich in the stuff that American legends are made of. The ‘Big D’ is famous for its contributions to popular culture – notably the Cowboys and their cheerleaders, and Dallas, the TV series that for a time was a worldwide symbol of the USA. An upscale ethos makes for an amazing dining scene (you can tell which place is hot by the caliber of cars the valet leaves out front) and the nightlife’s not too shabby either.

The museums are not only excellent but unique – history buffs should not miss the memorials to President John F Kennedy’s assassination. The most impressive addition to Dallas’ cultural landscape in recent years is the massive 68-acre Arts District, now the largest in the country.

Don’t worry, though: all this culture doesn’t mean that Dallas isn’t still a paragon of conspicuous consumption. With more malls per capita than anywhere else in the US, shopping is definitely this city’s guiltiest pleasure. So if you feel the urge to take out your credit card, throw frugality to the winds and say ‘When in Dallas…’, you won’t be alone.

Dallas offers visitors and residents plenty of things to do, no matter what your taste or budget. Check out all the great museums in the downtown area or catch a professional sports game at the American Airlines Center or Cowboys Stadium. If you’re visiting Big D during the pleasant autumn or spring seasons, head on over to one of many great parks and gardens. Traveling with kids? Take them to one of Dallas’ fun amusement parks!